Year 8 English students of Ms Lu have been studying a topic on Australian Voices and Poetic Perspectives in the Landscape. Below are two short pieces written by students about rock pools.

Rock Pool by Angelica I.

I feel the roughness against my feet as I walk across the wide expanse of rocks, tiny pebbles nip my soles as I try my best to avoid them. The wind seems to embrace me as its warm tropical breeze hugs my skin. Eyes fail me as the sun cruelly penetrates my sight, the light blinds me, its harsh glare forcing me to turn away. The scent of salt water becomes intoxicating, the scent fills my nose bringing back memories of crystal blue oceans and roaring waves. Wet soil accompanies the salty scent as it vibrates off the stone slates causing me to scrunch my nose.

My body guides me into a sitting position with my feet dangling into the blue tinted water. I watch as the water ripples against my toes, they dance against the flowing surface. The pool is lukewarm like a water bottle would be on a hot summer day. My hands glide across the rocks, my fingers trace the cracks and divots that paint the textured surface. I pray the heat will take pity on me and dry my too thin clothes as the dampness spreads from the rocks and seeps into the fabric.

I feel my burdens wash away into the gentle water. It leaves me feeling a sense of freedom. The humid wind lulls me into a spell of calmness and vulnerability, whispering me promises of safety and warmth.


The Rock Pool by Teena A.

The distant sound of crashing waves calms me, bringing back memories, so many memories. I make my way over to the pools, skipping over rocks, counting how many little fish I can find, reminiscing my childhood. I feel the cold comforting breeze sway me from side to side as I dance along with the wind. It feels like a hug. A warm trusting, familiar hug. “So familiar”, I think to myself. I pause. The thoughts go away. All of them. Just like that. It was as if they danced away with the wind. I feel empty yet so full. Full of what? I couldn't tell you. But I like it. It feels reliable. I can't be let down by this feeling.
As the wind comes to a small stop, I continue to make my way further down the rocks. My eyes meet with the pool. My rock pool. It wasn't just any pool, it was mine. It was my place. My comfort space.
I gently lay down my towel on the rock beside me as I sit down. I take a moment to gather myself. I inhale the salty ocean air, staring up at the cloudy and gloomy sky upon me as I hear a rumbling thunder booming in my ear. I look down at the water, letting out a sigh. It was at this moment I felt it. The thoughts. All of them. Just a second ago they were gone. I was free. They were entering me, one by one, slowly and painfully. There was this one thought, one moment, one memory out of the thousands in me, this one stood out the most. It was faint. Almost felt like a dream. This thought, I never had it before. It felt so new but warm as if I had known it forever. Like a distant family member. I shake my head, trying to shake the feeling along with it.


Written By

Catherine McAuley Westmead

Catherine McAuley Westmead

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