2024 Student Leader Team with School Principal Ms Refalo. Wed 16 Aug 2023
2024 Student Leader Team with School Principal Ms Refalo.

Embrace, excel and empower are words Catherine McAuley students will hear a lot this year as they make up the 2024 school theme.

Announced by School Captains Alyssa and Lea at the end of 2023 the theme is accompanied by a logo and chant as students are encouraged to ‘Embrace, Excel, Empower … McAuley Say It Louder’.

“When we were creating our theme for the 2024 school year, the goal of the Student Leadership Team was to develop something which not only captures the essence of who we are as a school, but also guides us along the path that we aspire to follow, a path which will allow us to grow, become better and ultimately achieve greatness”, said the School Captains.

Year 7 students had the opportunity to chant the 2024 theme for the first time at the school assembly held on Friday last week.


The Year 7 students have also been introduced to the Student Leadership Team. In addition to the two School Captains, the Student Leadership Team consists of 15 Year 12 students and 15 Year 11 students.

The leaders represent a range of portfolios including Culture, Environment, Hospitality, Learning, Liturgy, Social Justice, Sport and Technology. In addition, there is a Leader and Assistant Leader for each of the seven Houses - Caritas, Clare, Coolock, Dobson, Mercedes, Ryan and Veritas.

The Student Leaders have made two social media clips introducing themselves to the school community which can be viewed below:


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Catherine McAuley Westmead

Catherine McAuley Westmead

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