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The 2024 school theme was announced by School Captains Alyssa and Lea at the school assembly this week.

School Captains Alyssa and Lea announced the new school theme for Term 4 2023 and 2024 at the school assembly this week - ‘Embrace, Excel, Empower’.

“When we were creating our theme for the upcoming school year, the goal of the Student Leadership Team was to develop something which not only captures the essence of who we are as a school, but also guides us along the path that we aspire to follow, a path which will allow us to grow, become better and ultimately achieve greatness”, said Alyssa.


The School Captains told the assembly that the three words of the theme encapsulate the body of our school community, and were each carefully selected to represent a significant aspect of the life of our school.

EMBRACE - acknowledges the strong communal bonds within the school. “Our school community is made up of a diverse range of students”, Alyssa and Lea said. “We all come from different backgrounds, with a range of experiences, therefore we offer a unique set of perspectives and skills. It is incredibly important that within our community we are all able to embrace one another and our differences, rather than allowing our differences to be what restricts the oneness of our community”.

EXCEL - recognises our aim as a school community to achieve personal and collective success. “While excelling as a student means to strive for academic achievement, excellence also extends far beyond the classroom. It encompasses excelling in various facets of our lives, whether it is in sports, leadership, volunteering, or any pursuit we undertake, it's about striving for greatness in all of our endeavours”.

EMPOWER - This is where embrace and excel come together to cultivate empowerment, elevating both individuals and communities. “Empowerment means gaining purpose, making a difference and becoming capable of achieving more, it is not just about personal gain; it is also about making a positive impact on the world”.


The School Captains also launched the new logo which will represent the theme. The logo is in the shape of the infinity symbol and has embedded around it the words embrace, excel and empower. “This logo perfectly illustrates that by living out the focus of both embrace and excel, we become empowered, and how each of these three aspects are connected to one another”, Alyssa said. “This infinity symbol is also a subtle reference to the circle of mercy, and that idea of a continuity that flows throughout our school”, Lea added.

The School Captains finished their address by inviting the Student Leaders onto the stage to demonstrate the chant which accompanies the theme and which will be said at the end of each school assembly before the school song.


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Jacqui Hamilton | School Development Officer

Jacqui Hamilton | School Development Officer
Catherine McAuley Westmead

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