Year 10 students enjoying their Careers Day
Year 10 students enjoying their Careers Day.

On Tuesday, 30th May, Year 10 had the opportunity to participate in a Careers Day run by Ms Xuereb.

We were able to experience a day filled with helpful presentations with the aim to aid us in our subject selections. We had presentations from Ms Xuereb, Kathryn Taylor, a Western Sydney Airport representative, as well as ex and current Catherine McAuley students.

In the first part of the day, we listened to presentations from Ms Xuereb and Kathyrn Taylor. From these two sessions, we learnt about how we should select our subjects depending on our strengths and who we are as a learner. We also learnt about what success looks like and how we can get there by doing what we love.

A representative from Western Sydney Airport spoke to us about future occupations that will emerge with the construction of the Western Sydney Airport and broadened our understanding of possible future careers.

Year 10 Careers Day | McAuley Westmead

At the end of the day students had the chance to ask questions to a panel of ex-students and current Year 12 students about their experiences with picking subjects and the HSC experience.

Year 10 would like to say a massive thanks to Ms Xuereb who organised this day.

We were able to learn about different work opportunities.


The session with the ex-students was very informing as it gave me a good point of view of what subjects I can consider taking for certain careers.


From this day, I took away that we should make our own decision about our subjects, rather than rely on others' opinions. However, we should still take into account what our teachers think of our selection.


Year 10 Careers Day | McAuley Westmead


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 Kaitlin, Allegra and Annie | Year 10 Media Team

Kaitlin, Allegra and Annie | Year 10 Media Team
Catherine McAuley Westmead

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