Two students abseiling on the Catherine McAuley Westmead Year 7 Activity Day

Year 7 students had an enjoyable day at the Year 7 Activity Day on Monday, 31st October.

Year 7 students participated in an activities day on Monday the 31st of October, which was one of the events held in lieu of the Year 7 camp. Martina, Year 7 has written about the day below:

On Monday, 31st of October, Year 7 had the day to take a break from school and have some fun together. Even though we were thrilled to start the day, with our bus departing at 8:00am you can imagine what time we all had to wake up! After about an hour's drive, our day full of entertainment and excitement began at the Wedderburn Christian Campsite.

Upon arriving we gathered into groups and were placed into our activities. Some groups were together, while others were separate. Many activities were on offer, including archery, archery golf, tree climbing, the rock wall, a vertical challenge, a giant swing, abseiling, the glider possum and initiative games.

Group of students practising Archery at the Year 7 Activity Day, Catherine McAuley Westmead

Groups 1, 2 and 3 began with archery. We were required to place the arrow on the shelf, slide the nock (end of the arrow) onto the string, hold the grip, turn the bow to a 1 o’clock angle, pull as far as you can and release. For some, it took us quite some time to hit the target, but for others, they got it straight away and even hit some bullseyes. This activity did challenge us but put a smile on our faces at the end.

Session 2 had whole new activities that were new to many of us. One of the activities was the rock wall with climbers supported by those on the ground. While some were scared to reach the top, many of us hit that red rock at the top and were proud, but mostly relieved, when we got down.

Two students Rock Climbing at Catherine McAuley Westmead's Year 7 Activity Day

The last activity for the day was abseiling. No, it is not sailing for your abs, it is abseiling. This activity was similar to the rock wall. But instead of going up, we went down. And, do you want to know what we went down… a cliff! Although it was only six metres, it looked much higher and scarier. Our legs had to be wide apart and straight and we slowly had to walk down. At first, we were filled with fear but once we completed it we actually wanted to do it again as it was so much fun.

Unfortunately, the rain had to stop us, but the entertainment didn’t stop. We played ‘captain’s coming’! It was a good way to end such an enjoyable day, full of fun.

On behalf of Year 7, I want to thank Wedderburn Christian Campsite and its staff, for having us and giving us such an experience that we will never forget. As a grade, I also want to thank Ms Kempys and everyone who was involved, especially with so many assessments coming up, you still made this happen and found a way to enable us have such a diverting time together.

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Written By

Martina Farquharson | Year 7

Martina Farquharson | Year 7
Catherine McAuley Westmead

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