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The Titration Competition students were acknowledged at the school assembly on Wednesday, 7th September 2022.

In Term 2, 21 Year 12 Chemistry students represented Catherine McAuley at the 2022 NSW Titration Competition held at Macquarie University.

What is titration? To put it simply titration is a very precise form of volumetric analysis used to determine an exact concentration of an unknown solution. The students are tested in teams of three on their technique, molar calculation and ultimately their accuracy. Team errors can range from 0 to 10 000.

Leading up to the competition, students practised for 1 ½ hours after school twice a week for six weeks. To be competitive it takes not only skill but dedication so thank you students for your perseverance and commitment.

This year, 319 teams competed across NSW and in true Catherine McAuley spirit, our students did ‘Strive For Higher Things’ by coming first at Macquarie University and 3rd in NSW.

The winning team will be competing this Saturday in the National Titration Competition. This is a gruelling three hour session for which the students have been practising for weeks. We wish the team all the best!!

Titration Competition Students:

Team Names
  • Amy Hekeik
  • Eliana Araujo
  • Adhithi Fernandes
  • Jenclaire Maniebo
  • Jessica Parkes
  • Thea Victoriano
  • Arya Thachil
  • Yvette Jones
  • Madi Mahendran
  • Yamonna Han
  • Miranda Friscic
  • Sarah Panatian
  • Alannah Elias
  • Angelina Mitri
  • Debbie Peters
  • Natasha Muttoo
  • Nishika Jain
  • Ann Maria Clivin
  • Leanne Alata
  • Sophia Escueta
  • Jasmine Icaca

Written By

Catherine McAuley Westmead

Catherine McAuley Westmead

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