During the Christmas school holidays students from the McAuley STEM Club competed in the National Finals of the Australian Space Design Competition. Ashyra C, Liya N, Halie L and Alicia N were invited to take part in this annual competition which took place virtually via Zoom.

The competition emulates the experience of working as a member of an aerospace industry proposal team. The teams had three days to design a space settlement allowing for hundreds of people to live on Mercury. Teams pitched their solution in a 20 minute presentation to a panel of industry experts. Ultimately, our proposal wasn't selected as the winning tender however Liya N was awarded overall best female speaker for delivering a fantastic pitch about the operations and infrastructure of the settlement. Well done Liya!
"Being able to compete in the ASDC nationals provided me with an opportunity to learn from experts from all around the globe, improve my teamwork skills, increase my knowledge in certain areas and make many new friends”, said Alicia N. “Although we did not win, being able to participate and finish on time was more important to us than winning. It was a once-in-a-lifetime event that I will never forget. It taught me a lot about the universe and I gained so much insight from people I could never imagine having the privilege to talk to”.
"Throughout the event, the McAuley team worked brilliantly alongside the other schools competing in our team called ‘Team Crux’. Collaborating with other members of our team was refreshing as it gave us so many ideas to work with and we had so many brilliant minds in our team that we were able to do our best. The communication between everyone was my personal favourite, as it was an amazing opportunity to work with others”. Liya N


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