Year 9 Geography students in 9GEO1 and 9GEO7 with Ms Carah and Ms Nicholson have been learning about ‘sustainable biomes’ and were given the task to develop a sustainable farm on the rural urban fringe in Sydney’s west. Jasmine Ong, Year 9 has written about this task.

During Term 2 students in Year 9 Geography were learning about ‘sustainable biomes’ and as part of this unit we were required to explore food security and ways in which we could improve it.

To finish the unit we were given the task to develop a sustainable farm which could be set up on the rural urban fringe in Sydney’s west. Working in groups we created a farm that was sustainable and had a brand image of ‘locally grown sustainable produce’. Each group was required to select a crop to grow and to come up with a name for the farm which reflected this crop. Some of the names included ‘Broccoli Boom Farm and Co’, ‘Chick-Bee Farms’, ‘Strawberry Sunrise’ and ‘Robusta Rise’.

2020geographyfarm02 2020geographyfarm04 2020geographyfarms05

Groups then constructed a diagram of their farm which included the crops grown and the equipment and infrastructure required to build the farm. Groups created slideshows or intricate 3D models to present their ideas and showcased their designs to the whole class whilst explaining the diagrams and proposals.

Overall, this unit has been enjoyable and we have acquired a great amount of knowledge over the term.



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Catherine McAuley Westmead

Catherine McAuley Westmead

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