The school farewelled Ms Beverly Smith on Friday, 14th August in a small morning tea held at the school. Ms Smith has retired after 45 years at the school starting in 1975!! 

Beverly Smith has devoted much of her life to the education of girls at Catherine McAuley. She is an inspirational teacher, mentor, a valued colleague and true Mercy woman in every sense of the word. In her time at McAuley Bev has been Sports Coordinator and Clare House Patron. She introduced the sport of Vigaro into the MCCS sports competition and encouraged students to play this new sport. Five of these students went on to represent NSW and two went on to represent Australia!

Ms Brincat, PDHPE Coordinator, spoke at the farewell, “Her enthusiasm encouraged many students to take part in sport and get involved. She fostered a love of physical activity in her students not with the intention of producing Olympic athletics but to enrich their lives and gain confidence to accept new challenges”. 


Many of the memories spoken about at the farewell seemed to be associated not only with sport but also animals! Whether it was giving up a lunch to feed a fox, removing the volleyball net each afternoon after once a cockatoo had become entangled in it, finding homes amongst the staff for stray kittens, etc. 

Ms Dae, PDHPE Teacher, spoke on behalf of the whole McAuley Community when she said, “We wish you all the very best in your retirement. Your memory will always live in the fabric of this school and you will forever be part of the circle of mercy”.


When Ms Smith’s retirement was announced on the Catherine McAuley Alumni Facebook Page it was inundated with messages reflecting the Mercy values that Bev displayed in her time teaching at McAuley. A few examples:

There is only one Bev Smith. She has given far more to the school than can be imagined. The school and the students have always been the focus of her life and her dedication cannot be measured.
Bev Smith not only provided support, encouragement and guidance to those who loved sport she never lost sight of those students who really struggled. Yes I was good at sport but my most vivid memory was of Mrs Smith asking me to help a student who was petrified of water during our swimming sessions, this lesson taught me more than any other, to help those who are struggling. Thank you for teaching me so much more than sport. 
Wow what a life of service!!! Your patience, encouragement, integrity and absolute fairness is something I remember you for. I have no doubt that you will continue to inspire those around you!
What an amazing career. Not just because of the longevity but more so because you continued to always put the most important first - the students. An amazing lady who made education meaningful. You’ll never know how many lives you touched in a positive way.
Everyone LOVED Ms Smith! She was always up for a laugh and knew how to get the best of the students. She had the respect of a teacher, the compassion of a friend, the patience of a saint and the kindness of a mother.
I attribute my love of sport and belief in my ability to this wonderful soul. The Olympic medal is as much yours. Add to that I too chose Health and Physical Education teaching and coaching to pursue because of the role model you were for so many young women. 


Written By

Jacqui Hamilton | School Development Officer

Jacqui Hamilton | School Development Officer
Catherine McAuley Westmead

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