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Year 12 Student Chosen As Youth Advisor With Safe On Social

Congratulations to Arya T., Year 12 who has just been chosen as a Youth Advisor with Safe on Social Training and Education.

Year 8 Community Building and Leadership Day

On Friday, 1st April, Year 8 participated in a community building and leadership day with Motiv8 Sports. The day was filled with activities that encourage teamwork, leadership and problem solving skills.

Year 8 Students Demonstrate Their Theme Of Respect

Year 8 students have the theme of ‘Respect’ for this year and the students have been working hard to demonstrate how to follow this theme in all their dealings with others and their individual decisions.


Let Us Talk About The F Word

Year 11 students were fortunate enough to listen to a very inspiring speech on Wednesday, 16th March by Dr Mariam Chaalan - family doctor, clinical researcher and educator, as part of the school’s International Women’s Day celebrations.

Students Gather For First SRC Meeting Of The Year

School Captains Victoria C. and Zara Z. gathered all the student representatives who make up the SRC together yesterday for the first SRC meeting of the year.


Year 7 Transition

With the goal of helping Year 7 students settle into high school as smoothly as possible the Year 7 students have a timetabled ‘Transition’ class one period each week.

Plant The Seed

A social media campaign called ‘Plant The Seed’ is soon to be launched by a dedicated group of Year 11 students as part of their involvement in the Western Sydney University (WSU) Masterclass Competition.

Catherine McAuley Student Leaders Send Video Messages of Support to All Students

The Catherine McAuley Student Leaders have been using the private student Instagram page and the Compass school notices platform to send messages of support to all students.

Year 7 Students Reflect On Their First Term At High School

Year 7 students reflect on how they have found their first term at high school.

Thank You Message For Teachers

Friday 30th October 2020 was World Teachers’ Day! A day for teachers to celebrate and be proud of the work that they do. Catherine McAuley students recorded a message for their teachers.





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