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Year 12 Extension Science Students Present At Science Conference

Two Year 12 Extension Science students, Naveena N. and Elianna A., presented on Friday at the 2022 Science Extension Research Conference which was held at the Westmead Innovation Centre and Naveena was awarded the Scientific Research Medal for the top scientific research project.

Year 11 Students Are Stepping Up

Catherine McAuley partners with a number of universities to allow students to begin their university studies early. The Australia Catholic University (ACU) Step Up Program is one of these partnerships.

2022 NSW Titration Competition

In Term 2, 21 Year 12 Chemistry students represented Catherine McAuley at the 2022 NSW Titration Competition held at Macquarie University.

Big Science Competition

In Term 2 students from Years 7 to 10 competed in the Big Science Competition. This competition is a fifty minute, multiple-choice exam, where the focus is on how students can use their science knowledge and critical thinking skills to solve problems. Over 700 schools took part this year.

Catherine McAuley Students Recognised At The Rotary Youth Vocational Awards

Three Catherine McAuley Business Services students have been recognised for their achievements at the 2022 Rotary Youth Vocational Awards.

Year 9 Commerce Students Run Business For Market Day

Over the past two Fridays Miss Spelman’s and Mr Taniane's Year 9 Commerce classes have participated in Market Day, where students had the opportunity to run a real life business of their own creation.

McAuley Students Breaking Ceilings

Deanne R., Year 12 has always had a fascination with the stars and space which has developed into a passion for flying and a desire to become a pilot. On a recent flying experience with an instructor from the Sydney Flight College Deanne was told she was a natural at flying and was very good for her first time!

LeaderShift - Empowered Women, Empower Women

On Friday, 29th July, Bel, Sarah and Sophie from yLead ran a program called LeaderShift with Year 9. The program created a paradigm shift away from the ‘leadership badge’ and towards the idea of positive influence through positive choices and positive actions. The experience also focused on building strong relationships within the cohort and explores positive group behaviour.

Your Attitude Can Increase Your Chance of Having a Car Accident

Samantha, a Year 10 student, was most intrigued to learn at the recent Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA) Program, which all Year 10 students attended on Friday, that a driver’s attitude can affect their driving.

Students the future of Australia’s cyber security front line

CEDP students have been identified as future cyber security leaders after being invited to take part in the launch of the unique Cyber Academy.





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