It’s not just what girls learn at school that’s important – it is also how they learn.

In the stimulating and challenging environment at Catherine McAuley, staff are committed to helping students establish patterns of learning that will enable them to keep developing through their lives and careers.



Curriculum and Subjects

At Catherine McAuley we aim to support our students to become passionate, independent and life-long learners. The school offers a broad curriculum, with flexible choices that cater for the wide range of student abilities.


Innovative Learning and Teaching

We know that 21st century skills enable young women to collaborate, communicate and think critically and we apply the development of these skills to our learning.


Designed for Learning

The learning spaces at Catherine McAuley are designed for true flexibility and to enhance the learning opportunities of our students.


Learning and Support Programs

We facilitate the change from primary to secondary school with a formal transition program, beginning in Year 6 and continuing through Year 7.


Our Library

CEDP school libraries are physical and digital places of inquiry and reading. They provide access to a range of resources that help students on their learning journey and help inspire purposeful learning.


Assessment Handbooks

Students have access to their assessment handbooks through the student intranet site and parents can access these Assessment Handbooks on this page.