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The Parents Representative Council (PRC) are your elected parent representatives.

Working collaboratively with schools and parents, the PRC provides opportunities for parents to become involved in their child’s school community and learning journey. With access to information and educational opportunities via parent forums and guest speakers, parents can become active participants in their child’s schooling.

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What is the role of the PRC?

The Parents Representative Council exists as a forum to:



Assist parents to develop as educators through discussion and training


Represent the combined opinions and ideas of the parent body in Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta with the wider community


Promote open communication and keep parents in touch with education and social issues


Share and network ideas on issues that affect the education and spiritual welfare of our children


Support parents in their roles within their family




The Parents Representative Council keeps the ‘big picture’ in perspective.

It links with schools, school communities and the diocese to help parents to:

  • be aware of their responsibility and role in their child’s education
  • keep in touch with emerging issues, such as how Catholic schools are funded, the Religious Education curriculum and healthy school canteens, etc.
  • stay informed about current trends in education





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How to get involved


All Catholic schools in the Diocese of Parramatta welcome parents as a key partner in their child’s schooling. Catholic schools rely on the involvement of parents to support and drive initiatives outside of the classroom.

We encourage you to attend our meetings, held once a term, which provide parents and guardians with excellent opportunity to network with other parents and share ideas that support the needs of your children throughout their years of schooling.


If you are interested in becoming involved with your school parent group or representing your child’s school as a PRC delegate contact your school principal today.




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Contact the PRC

You can contact the PRC by email or phone during business hours Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm.


Parent Representative Council
C/o Catholic Education Office Parramatta
Locked Bag 4 Parramatta NSW 1750

(02) 9840 5600